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From Twitter 12-05-2009

  • 00:08:50: @angrymarks That makes it sound like Buddy kicked the bucket too!
  • 01:06:11: @Bethofalltrades http://twitpic.com/s79dc - This is tough to do in a car! XXXL
  • 01:36:06: @amandapalmer If you can keep this up for two more hours, I can come over instead of watching on a laptop in an alley in New Haven
  • 02:08:50: @amandapalmer if you want to send me an Xmas card it might be the only one I get! Keith Malloy 8 N Main St Apt C-4 Beacon Falls, CT 06403
  • 02:17:30: @lindsayism NO MORE SPICY MEATBALLS!
  • 02:55:10: @kiemzi ooh, I can stalk the train station when you come in
  • 03:10:21: @kiemzi I'm more Tragically Hip than Sloan
  • 03:21:54: I get angry every time YOU don't drunk dial ME
  • 03:27:26: @kiemzi Anyone that drunk dials anyone
  • 03:28:29: I've been in my car watching a webcast for three hours. SO RETARDED. Guess I should head home now.
  • 03:31:21: Would it be wrong to sleep in my parking spot? Good practice for next year when I end up homeless.
  • 03:32:28: @amandapalmer Goodnight Amanda
  • 12:39:03: @KChenoweth I'm thinking I won't care for it
  • 13:18:22: Lying in bed, letting darth nibble on my finger. Practice for when I die and he has to survive by eating my corpse until someone notices .
  • 16:21:49: @BellaVendetta66 Send him free pics of dudes
  • 16:40:28: I am practicing my Italian accent, in case anyone asks me to play a guard in a sketch about Amanda Knox being in Italian jail.
  • 16:41:32: Hey! Howza bouta you eata with mea? Today wea havea spicy meataball!
  • 16:50:25: I wish Chion Wolf was my friend.
  • 16:56:51: @WTNH it's 76 degrees and rising at my desk.
  • 21:08:49: I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please take your name off your phone?
  • 21:13:52: Please take your name off that. Just have it as a number on the voicemail. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly
  • 21:19:28: @WintersNight I let Tiger Woods use my twitter for a minute
  • 21:24:29: @wintersnighthttp://blip.fm/~hczr9
  • 21:30:53: @YKantRedSpel My wife went through my phone and may be calling you.
  • 22:01:31: I am so ready for some black on black violence! I hope Houston Alexander knocks Kimbo Slice back to the minor leagues. #TUF #UFC
  • 22:05:58: I really wish KIMBO did not equal RATINGS, he belongs fighting in an alley somewhere, not the octagon. #TUF #UFC #MMA
  • 22:18:36: If Bruce Buffer announces Darryl Schoonauer as Titties, I may cream my pants. #TUF #UFC #MMA #Buffer360
  • 22:24:25: How many times can Marcus Jones get knocked out on TV this week? #TUF #UFC
  • 22:28:25: Did Matt Mitrione just say he had RETARD STRENGTH??? I LOVE YOU MEATHEAD #TUF #UFC #NOHOMO
  • 22:32:35: @danawhite You try to tell his pornstache no! Its very persuasive.
  • 22:41:35: Um, why did a horse drawn carriage just go past my desk?

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