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From Twitter 12-16-2009

  • 12:24:56: I can't believe my darling Noteworthy girls were eliminated, but Menopause Factor got through. I blame Coldplay. Gutted.
  • 14:40:19: Win a new Nikon D300s (or 2000 photo scans) from @ScanCafe & Scott Bourne. Pls RT. Details here: http://bit.ly/8SJuMT
  • 15:03:14: @keithandthegirl maybe you mean http://KATG.com/chat ?
  • 15:05:07: I just entered to win 1 of 10 prizes for a friend and me in the @LiveNation holiday giveaway! http://culturej.am/bkLc #givingandgetting
  • 20:21:58: Without seeing the answer, I'm gonna guess the Final Jeopardy question is "What is Jonathon Livingston Seagull?"
  • 20:24:26: or maybe "What is Roots?"
  • 20:25:38: oops What is Breakfast of Champions?
  • 20:32:55: @Kinravip I knew it once they gave the clue, I totally used to masturbate to that book.
  • 20:36:02: Will watch Sing Off at work, instead of TiVoing it to watch at home. Now that Noteworthy have been eliminated, I can watch it with pants on
  • 20:43:51: @Kinravip I wouldn't want to impinge on your territory. I'm guessing they have barbershop quartets at your rennaissance faires.
  • 21:29:53: Maybe Maxx Factor shouldn't sing "Wouldn't it be nice if we were older" since if they were any older they'd be dead
  • 21:41:10: Well, this was inevitable
  • 21:59:12: I am not enjoying the Sing Off as much now that my dear Mormon harem has gone. I bet their Osmonds medley would have been stellar.
  • 22:04:17: Bye Maxx Factor! Try not to have any hot flashes on the way out!
  • 22:05:00: Who cares if its on a jet plane.... just leave
  • 22:05:40: Leaving on a jet plane? Is that why you dressed as butch stewardesses?
  • 22:07:05: @SaraJBenincasa Can't you stay a while longer?
  • 22:59:21: No SoCals or Noteworthy in the Sing Off finale? Bummer. I don't want to vote based on musical talent!

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