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From Twitter 12-18-2009

  • 02:48:13: Made it through International Day to end Violence Against Sex Workers without punching a hooker. Hope everybody else did their part.
  • 04:07:48: I didn't get to the remote quick enough after Jersey Shore ended on MTV and now the strangest thing is on. MUSIC VIDEOS, ON MTV!
  • 04:10:02: If Rihanna didn't come with STDs I totes would've rubbed one out to her video. Not gonna risk the Herpes though!
  • 04:10:56: How nice of this Justin Bieber boy to make sure there is one less lonely girl in the world.
  • 04:11:58: Wow, Cascada make videos? I thought they were a studio band whose only outside contact with the world was white label 12 inches.
  • 04:12:39: Just battling to house music. No big deal.
  • 04:13:24: @SarahMorrison I swear to god I thought that said you were driving around with Natalie Imbruglia
  • 04:19:20: Didn't believe @amandapalmer when she said @ladygaga was twenty-three, so I went to wikipedia and found out Gaga and me HAVE THE SAME B-DAY!
  • 04:23:25: I've watched this Ke$ha song on Myspace and Youtube before. I wonder if she knows Mick Jagger is 100 years old.
  • 04:26:21: Is this Mutemath video a recycled Modest Mouse video or a recycled Franz Ferdinand Video?
  • 04:27:57: Is this Mutemath song a recycled Peter Gabriel song or a recycled Phil Collins song?
  • 04:28:49: @ladygaga, its 3:28 am, and I just found out we have the same birthday. Can I hang out with you on 3/28 next year?
  • 04:33:28: Is this Alicia Keys song a recycled Prince song or a recycled T'Pau song?
  • 04:35:37: @visitnewhaven When did the Oakdale become the Oakdale again?
  • 04:37:25: HAHA, I knew if I waited long enough MTV would play Fireflies by @Owlcity
  • 04:39:14: I really want to hate this song, but its pretty catchy, and its video is a real nostalgic treat. I'd love to hear the song without autotune
  • 04:43:15: Thank God Miley Cyrus is American. Party in the Australia just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • 04:44:30: And boy 'And the Natalie Imbruglia song was on, and the Natalie Imbruglia song was on, and the Natalie Imbruglia song was on' is unwieldy
  • 04:46:36: Oh look, a rap song by someone called Gucci Mane. Time to find that remote. Why does Usher think his name is Ursher?
  • 04:47:24: Wow, rappers aren't afraid of visual cliches, huh?
  • 04:50:41: Is this Shakira video a sequel to Single Ladies?
  • 05:00:07: If I said it once, I said it 1,000 times. How come a song called Empire STATE of Mind doesn't mention the Catskills?
  • 05:01:10: True story: Walking down 34th St last week, I pointed to the neon signs and said "these lights will inspire you"
  • 05:02:20: then realized that @Ycantredspel was the only person in the tristate area that had never heard the song as she stared at me blankly
  • 05:03:44: Seriously, playing this Rihanna song twice in 63 minutes isn't going to make me think she is disease free
  • 05:06:49: Jordan Catalano and the cast of The Warriors
  • 05:12:52: @kayhanley K.I.A.
  • 13:20:34: Hey @DarrenKramer8 that was an interesting story on Senator Al Franklin
  • 16:26:36: @DarrenKramer8 At least it was one of those obscure senators, not someone that was people knew before he even got to DC.
  • 16:43:21: Ho ho ho! Win a Macbook Pro from @dealsplus for Christmas. Details here: http://bit.ly/7kMWCB
  • 21:36:31: I just entered to win 1 of 10 prizes for a friend and me in the @LiveNation holiday giveaway! http://culturej.am/bsAA #givingandgetting

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