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From Twitter 01-05-2010

  • 02:08:32: Yikes, ended up spending six hours at my parents house instead of 1.5. Stupid Wii. Time for five hours of wrestling!
  • 02:11:02: Yikes, first match on Impact under the new regime, and the fans are chanting this is bullshit. Awesome start.
  • 02:12:07: OMG, Jeff Hardy gave up a Wrestlemania payday for the freedom to do whatever drugs he wants. How sad.
  • 03:10:20: Help me help YOU! I entered The Threadless 12-Club Giveaway! For YOUR chance to win a 12 Month Tee Subscription: http://bit.ly/6KUDse
  • 03:41:41: @sxipshirey aww, that's too bad. A secret message would be aces. I really enjoyed the piece anyway. Thanks for your part in a great NYE!
  • 07:08:12: RT @CarMax is giving away a car. http://carmax.com/tweet for rules and details. RT and follow to enter.
  • 12:41:06: @fairytalevegas I hope this doesn't lead to Marshall Mathers covering "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"
  • 13:11:16: @mousecanttweet finally getting the fauxhawk?
  • 13:35:23: Nice job of @DarrenKramer8 to squeeze in a mention of his 'zine Vanity Hair on the noon news today. His manscaping tips are ace!
  • 16:19:18: @fairytalevegas Hey, have you seen Hamlet 2? That song plays a big part in it, and I bet you would like it.
  • 17:18:49: @SineadMcCarthy_ How sad for the people that unfollow you for that. Watching someone somehow transform is much more scintillating!
  • 18:21:19: Was gonna go on a diet, but Slim-Fast has apparently been recalled by the FDA. Guess I gotta go with my back-up plan, heroin.
  • 18:27:02: @dharma_punx (re: http://twitgoo.com/az768) I'm gonna hang that on my fridge where my Darth can read it.
  • 18:46:46: Some guy just checked in and stank like a fucking European. Weirdly, he was from Brazil. I'm guessing he is one of them exiled Nazis.
  • 20:11:34: @neverwear http://twitpic.com/wslbc - After seeing him on NYE, I think we need a Neil with a Chainsaw shirt of some sort

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