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From Twitter 01-10-2010

  • 01:19:55: @amandapalmer Tell Bun Keith from the Duncan says hey!
  • 01:23:35: Fuck me with a broken chopstick. I get home from work, and @amandapalmer tweets that she is eating 2 blocks away from my job at @MiyasSushi
  • 01:25:17: If @amandapalmer updates that she is going to Rudy's or some other bar, I swear I will high tail it back to New Haven!
  • 01:36:50: @amandapalmer hanging out anywhere else in town tonight? I'll come back to town from the sticks and buy you a beer!
  • 01:53:55: Like I wouldn't just freeze up if I tried to say hi to her, again.
  • 01:58:19: I totally could have hooked her up with a hotel room if she needed a place to crash, though.
  • 02:52:33: @mousecanttweet I'll reboot you anytime
  • 12:49:24: Now I wake up and I am getting word that @amandapalmer is at the coffeeshop across the street from my job. I almost wish I still lived there
  • 12:50:40: @amandapalmer are you still at the Booktrader? Tell Kelly (the blonde girl with glasses that works there) Keith says hi!
  • 13:41:08: 25 years ago, the Stamford mall had an arcade where you could play Lode Runner on apple IIs. That's when it was perfect, @thebullblog
  • 15:16:57: @shivvy Rewarding failure doesn't make any sense?
  • 15:33:01: @bethofalltrades sexist!
  • 15:41:43: @bethofalltrades I'd be more offended if I ever did merch, but the closest I ever got was manning Greenpeace booth at Guns N Roses show.
  • 15:47:43: @HayleyFiasco @bethofalltrades I was wondering if having more specific show merch would be better or worse
  • 16:37:52: RIP Ludvig Borga
  • 21:05:20: I had every intention of getting out of my pyjama sweats today. Oops.
  • 21:56:12: Check this video out -- The Midnight Beast - Feat. ST£FANhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4npUdfEmbQ @indecisean @fairytalevegas
  • 22:56:10: @bethofalltrades I inspired Michael Bolton once
  • 23:02:04: @bethofalltrades damn it feels good to be a gangster
  • 23:13:25: Anyone at All by @kimboekbinder is an AWESOME song

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