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From Twitter 03-23-2010

  • 01:19:28: @rachelsklar I live alone, it takes me a week to finish a pan of lasagna, I think you are gold on three nights.
  • 04:56:57: @IAmJericho isnt skunk baxter some sort of mad scientist, too?
  • 10:30:21: ugh @woxy has been shut down again. I hate reruns. #saveWOXY (again)
  • 10:32:32: @amandapalmer can't beat me at Scrabble
  • 10:57:22: Don't know if I should even bother putting on The View this morning, since the megalomaniac in chief is breaking in at 11:15 anyway.
  • 11:40:41: RT @dealsplus: Hey! Retweet this to win an Apple product today. Don't forget to follow @dealsplus. http://bit.ly/9aq1Su
  • 11:52:40: The longer this smug bastard talks, the better chance there is that some 24 style villain blows up the white house before he finishes.
  • 11:58:02: Ok, is the president done masturbating on tv yet? It's time for the noon news!
  • 14:08:05: Ooh, @MikeQuackenbush is following me on twitter! To celebrate, I will share my favorite pic from @ChikaraPro in CT! http://digg.com/u1RUR3
  • 15:30:38: Have a sneaky suspicion that @ChionWolf_WNPR used that Ani Difranco music bed in the 2:45 break on purpose. Now to figure out the purpose.
  • 15:54:30: RT @ThatKevinSmith: And if you're a club or a small theater that wants in on some of me & @SMosier's #LiveNudeSMod , contact @thisguyjef ...
  • 16:12:44: Hey @ManicProductions, or @ToadsPlace bring @ThatKevinSmith to CT! http://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith/status/10939805651
  • 16:38:17: @coinstar #TrivTues C
  • 18:25:38: RT @wojsvenwoj: if @wfmu can raise $1.16 million from listeners in 2 weeks, surely @woxy can be listener-supported. hell, i don't listen ...
  • 19:29:44: It must be Celebrity Jeopardy this week, because I think the lead singer of TV on the Radio won today.
  • 19:36:09: @IAmJericho He wants his belt back!
  • 20:08:51: @jamibee is smoking crack cocaine and tweeting about the oscars tonight.
  • 20:09:56: Wow, Alex Chilton song on Idol. That's a surprise.
  • 20:11:16: Alex Chilton song on Idol with an absolutely dreadful arrangement. That's not a surprise.
  • 20:14:57: Alex Chilton song on Idol. Alex Chilton not mentioned. That's not a surprise. #Idol
  • 20:16:20: @jamibee If you need a drink coaster that bad, I can get you a vanilla ice cd, cheap.
  • 20:22:05: Phil Collins is spinning in his grave listening to Paige sing Against All Odds. #Idol
  • 20:22:31: They should do Billboard Number One Songs of this year as a theme on Idol. So we can hear 8 versions of Tik Tok. #Idol
  • 20:26:19: Don't even read her number @RyanSeacrest call it a mercy killing!
  • 20:27:13: @jamibee If that version of his song didn't make him kill himself, he will live forever.
  • 20:28:16: Seriously, Ben Gibbard is spinning in his grave over that version of Against All Odds, too. #americanidol
  • 20:29:49: Jeff Bridges just killed himself because he was in the MOVIE Against All Odds.
  • 20:34:00: Tim Urban is the luckiest man in the world.
  • 20:45:00: How do we vote to eliminate all four that have performed so far? #AmericanIdol
  • 20:45:44: Hey @RyanSeacrest is there a none of the above number we can call? #americanidol
  • 20:51:25: Five for five
  • 20:52:55: @DiscoNaps Thats too bad. Maybe he will die before he hears Paige's version. If he is lucky.
  • 20:56:04: You know what I like about Janis Joplin? That's she's a dead fucking hippie.
  • 20:59:37: The Chipmunks singing Right Round has been the best musical performance on Idol tonight. #AmericanIdol
  • 21:00:24: @clio214 SPOILER ALERT: The crew wear suits.
  • 21:11:34: YES! California Raisin time on Idol! #AmericanIdol
  • 21:14:28: It's too bad Morrissey never had a number one hit, because THIS FUCKING ALT ROCK MEXICAN SHOULD BE SINGING MORRISSEY SONGS #AmericanIdol
  • 21:50:07: @StripperTweets Keep him away from Ben Folds' Bitches Ain't Shit
  • 21:56:31: @StripperTweets What's HER twitter handle?
  • 22:16:33: @mousecanttweet Did you see Metric like, 4 years ago, when they opened for The Divine Comedy at the Middle East? That was a good show.
  • 22:19:29: @phoch00 Luckily no. I have a bad habit of making a fool of myself due to strippers with great taste in music.
  • 22:29:10: Is anyone watching NXT? Is this Radiohead?
  • 22:35:56: Not Radiohead, but very similar -- Human by Civil Twilight http://youtu.be/-lU0ZCFIB8U This was the song in the Vince/Bret Video. Not bad.
  • 22:40:17: @fortyseven Weird, someone just registered colonoscopiesbytoby.com

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