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From Twitter 03-31-2010

  • 00:58:03: Just unfollowed @JoyVBehar because she retweeted @JayLeno. I certainly don't need that dishonorable weasel in my stream.
  • 08:58:15: @SDRpyoo The View is repeats til at least Monday
  • 14:17:05: When any ex-con staying here gets a letter from prison, I say "Oh look, a letter from home" when I hand it to them. I'm gonna get shivved.
  • 14:26:01: Is it wrong that I am thinking of setting up a cot in the hotel's boiler room and hanging a sign that says "@EvelynEvelyn slept here"?
  • 14:33:03: @racheline_m I'm not sure the hotel exists in reality.
  • 14:35:23: @PasteMagazine Should've asked John Oates' moustache to review it.
  • 14:59:38: http://twitpic.com/1c82al -
  • 16:24:37: MGMT and Matt and Kim are playing Yale 4/27. If any Yalie would like me to be their date to the show, I would definitely go.
  • 16:26:42: @PopCandy can I be your roadie for the Doctor Who Q&A? Your mic stand? Your chair?
  • 17:15:51: @amandapalmer Stop CCing yourself!
  • 19:20:29: I hope @miyassushi add this to their menu http://j.mp/dnRosV
  • 20:52:05: Jorge Rivera looks a lot different when he isn't in Chikara.
  • 21:22:26: Obviously UNDERTAKER is abou to debut in UFC!!!!
  • 21:33:39: BIG COUNTRY! Where is Stefan Strouve's god now?
  • 21:36:08: @thejillthompson What happened to the lights? STAND BACK, A HURRICANE'S COMIN' THROUGH!
  • 21:45:23: Is Gomi coming to the ring to Fall Out Boy?
  • 21:48:27: Is Kenny Florian coming out to a Gatorade Commercial?
  • 22:02:42: @Danawhite should have put Nelson on last, BIG COUNTRY FINISHES FIGHTS.
  • 22:16:45: UFC FUN FACT: Posters of Tito all show his head actual size. #TUF
  • 22:17:59: um, that Hebrew GOT Hammered! #TUF
  • 22:29:06: Is either SkySkrape or PunkAss a cruciverbalist? Seems to be a lot of crossword inspired TapOut gear now #TUF
  • 22:36:56: @StripperTweets I'm charging my camera batteries NOW

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