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From Twitter 04-21-2010

  • 00:53:11: @mousecanttweet maybe you should taste something else!
  • 01:06:32: http://twitpic.com/1h7mqi -
  • 07:52:42: @amandapalmer "her" nervous cabaret?
  • 08:53:11: @DanielBryanNXT Get a picture of yourself in front of the giant picture of Seamus in the lobby. Whip it out next time someone call you pale!
  • 13:38:47: @WintersNight I've always been a Vertigo/DC kind of guy
  • 15:16:47: @amandapalmer if @neilhimself refuses to sing, and you want to do your new act, maybe you can do EvelynEvelynWaugh instead.
  • 15:17:06: RT @stuffedunstrung: Bill Barretta and Jennifer Barnhart join cast of #stuffedunstrung! RT by 12p 4/22 to enter 2 win 2 tix 4 this wknd! ^SU
  • 16:30:22: @AndreaExMarie If you are out of mayo, what else would you put on a chicken sandwich???
  • 20:12:12: Wait, are we supposed to be donating so Victoria Beckham can eat? #idol
  • 20:47:39: I wish the judges could critique this phony ass Joss Stone and some fossil performance #idol
  • 20:49:06: RT @stuffedunstrung: Bill Barretta and Jennifer Barnhart join cast of #stuffedunstrung! RT by 12p 4/22 to enter 2 win 2 tix 4 this wknd! ...
  • 20:50:24: @idolator What's the difference? One dinosaur with a guitar is just as good as another.
  • 20:55:31: @wojsvenwoj Think Morrissey will show up to see her?
  • 20:56:33: RT @bethofalltrades: i think i have settled on the name Mouse for the cat; it suits her squeaky mews and manic personality.
  • 21:03:52: Alicia Keys is lucky she's not being judged, too. Maybe they should have taped her performance. #idol
  • 21:13:09: Is Carrie Underwood really hairy or wearing a sweater? #idol
  • 21:17:54: David Arquette looks naked without a championship belt around his waist. #idol
  • 21:28:47: @bethofalltrades you should find an unchallenging white bread act to work for on the side, to send people that Amanda offends to!
  • 21:33:44: @neilhimself @bethofalltrades I'm assuming that the person that wrote may have been offended by something? Did those people offend you Neil?
  • 21:40:17: @bethofalltrades which is easier to take? Offended people or folks who just lost the love organically?
  • 21:43:38: @bethofalltrades Well, at least maybe they still love you, since they wrote and all.
  • 21:53:12: @TheLatanyaRene If you stopped partying with midgets, you wouldn't feel like a giant.
  • 21:55:38: @neilhimself Looks like my assumption about the letter was wrong anyways. You and the little lady have been getting beat up too much lately!
  • 21:58:02: Oh crap, they're playing Stairway to Heaven on #idol. What are the odds the gym lights come on halfway through?
  • 22:02:33: You're gonna get hit, you're gonna get knocked out, you're gonna feel it, this is the ultimate!
  • 22:50:42: @amandapalmer can you guys dress up and act out the Gold Dust Woman video for me?

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