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From Twitter 04-28-2010

  • 02:56:03: @domjoly businessman in suit with briefcase talking on cell walks into ocean
  • 02:58:52: @domjoly pizza delivery comes up to beach on a jetski, delivers pie, jetskis off
  • 03:00:45: @domjoly guy with metal detector sweeping beach gets a reading, unearths another metal detector
  • 03:04:18: @domjoly swimmer appears to be in distress, a dozen people reveal themselves as baywatch lifeguards running toward him with floats
  • 03:08:45: @domjoly lifeguard recruits random passerby to take watch while he goe to pee, planted swimmer goes into distress
  • 03:13:45: @domjoly find a child playing with toy backhoe in the sand, drive up next to him and start using real backhoe
  • 03:26:42: @domjoly set up a velvet rope, and have people line up to get into the VIP section of the beach
  • 03:28:57: @domjoly have a king building a regular house out of sand
  • 03:30:30: @domjoly have a sign that says no playing with balls and people behind it miming a game of volleyball
  • 03:33:46: @domjoly You could bring a roll of sod in a childs wagon, then unroll a grassy spot on the beach to lie in
  • 03:38:55: @domjoly dress as a litter collector, and collect peoples towels as if they were rubbish as they go for a swim
  • 03:52:35: @domjoly have a hot chick asking dudes to put lotion on her back, then when she rolls over, she's really hairy
  • 13:40:35: ten hour day <3 (@ Hotel Duncan) http://4sq.com/cRoe2Q
  • 13:53:00: How the hell can a hiker be "lost"? They are already wandering around in the woods.
  • 17:49:22: All the power is out in the hotel. UI can't give me answers as to when they will get us help. I am going to club people.
  • 18:37:58: http://twitpic.com/1j75l8 -
  • 21:55:58: Goodbye American Idol, I'll see you next year! #idol
  • 22:06:14: @RADiningGuide I've never eaten any food I haven't cooked myself in Beacon Falls, those hicks scare me.
  • 22:07:47: @brightesteyes Yeah, the others all suck.
  • 22:27:50: Saw @PaulJBass today. Forgot to tell him that @ValleyIndy should be shut down since it ignores Beacon Falls. Oh well.
  • 23:02:15: @TaylorWilde What about the mumps? Do you have the mumps? Well? DO YOU?

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