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From Twitter 05-04-2010

  • 00:19:14: Thank god they arrested a Pakistani for the Time Square dud carbomb, I'd hate to have people look at me funny if a middle aged white did it.
  • 01:00:29: @MichaelAusiello Freddy PRINCE Jr?
  • 01:59:42: Politeness sucks so much. They just referred to the Times Square Failbomber as a "gentleman" on MSNBC.
  • 02:19:04: RT @dealsplus: Win an Apple iPhone today! Just retweet this and follow @dealsplus to win #Apple #iPhone. Details here: http://bit.ly/9aq1Su
  • 08:32:56: RT @bradleysalmanac: Hey, Boston: Want 2 tix to AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE live @ the Wilbur on 5/9? To enter, just retweet this by 4pm today.
  • 08:33:13: RT @bradleysalmanac: Hey, Boston: Want 2 tix to AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE live @ the Wilbur on 5/9? To enter, just retweet this by 4pm today.
  • 09:23:20: RT @darthvader: May the 4th be with you! #StarWarsDay
  • 10:59:37: @PeterIndorf I'd call a twisted bracelet "Fate" #googlehaven
  • 11:03:23: Was is Snap or C&C Music Factory that had a hot chick lip sync Martha Wash in a music video? Gabby Sidibe should do that with interviews.
  • 12:50:11: I'd like Star Wars Day better, if I didn't have to decide which of my 30 Star Wars ties to wear to work. http://twitpic.com/1kzvxu
  • 14:15:35: @thinkgeek #maythe4th Around 600 years
  • 15:28:02: @Ancratyne Oh well, maybe next year, if I make it through the cold winter alive without one #maythe4th
  • 15:41:15: @HayleyFiasco You're lucky, nobody asked me about my EE shirt when I wore it to a professional wrestling show last week :(
  • 16:08:35: @coinstar A! #trivtues
  • 16:13:37: Can they put a dometop on these, for us idiots that get big stupid frappucinos? (@starbucks)http://yfrog.com/
  • 16:31:12: The newest part time bellboy brought me two hot dogs wrapped in bacon today. I immediately formally suggested he be made head bellman.
  • 17:12:15: Anybody know a #woot tracker that tracks items in #happyhour? Wootalyzer doesn't have that option anymore, WTF?
  • 17:24:10: @bmxjimp Thannks for the #woot tip!
  • 17:37:11: Well that's odd, Wootalyzer just popped back on with Happyhour support #woot
  • 17:45:28: @docbrite Maybe a dumb question, and moot now, but might sports bras be in sporting goods department? Cups for dudes aren't in with boxers
  • 17:49:24: RT @thebullblog: MAYHEM at beinecke plaza... All of wall street and hewitt quadrangle are closed off by police @WTNH?
  • 17:53:41: @errantsunset Who you calling casual? I'M WEARING A NECKTIE! #woot
  • 19:58:25: Tonight's NCIS episode is entitled "Obsession", I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it is about Abby's feeling for me.
  • 20:00:53: @Ancratyne Why does lost come on an hour later in Wallingford?
  • 20:03:34: Keith Malloy is in a committed relationship with Abby Sciuto #NCIS
  • 20:12:34: @bethofalltrades we all know you are tweeting from the Batcave, anyway.
  • 21:16:40: MORE GRAVY THAN MAN!
  • 21:21:37: RT @MarthaStewart: Taylor swift is serenading us with songs about love and fifteen year olds at proms. And pres clinton and sarah palin ...
  • 21:23:21: I'm reading that @marthastewart tweet as Bill Clinton is in a four way with Sarah Palin, Martha Stewart, and Taylor Swift. Lucky, lucky man!
  • 21:26:40: @brightesteyes I'm sorry for your loss.
  • 21:39:56: LADYFACE!!!!!

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