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From Twitter 05-23-2010

  • 03:32:16: Just bought a ticket for @BOMBfest next week for ten bucks. Go buy a ticket now! We can car pool and check out Jordan Catalano's band!
  • 10:23:42: Holy crap, I just won @WFNX Clam Bake tickets! @Metric @SSPU @MattandKIM !!! So psyched! Thanks @WFNX
  • 11:03:09: Vegetating (@ The Counting House) http://4sq.com/8YUNL8
  • 11:11:35: 11:11
  • 12:21:07: @SDRpyoo Is that a proper @starbucks or a Thru-way one?
  • 16:24:10: So bummed that @chikarapro had to book talentless hack Tommy Dreamer. Would rather be at a show than lying around home.
  • 16:25:16: Have a sinking feeling that they will keep booking him and the pyjamas he wrestles in, and I will never get to see another Chikara show.
  • 16:26:32: Has there ever been a bigger misnomer of a nickname than calling Tommy Dreamer an innovator? His big move is yelling letters!
  • 16:27:21: Tommy Dreamer is going to kill my interest in indy wrestling.
  • 17:07:22: I'm at Target (20 west main st, Ansonia). http://4sq.com/d6CUoE
  • 17:38:47: I'm at Starbucks (New Haven Ave, Willard Rd, Derby). http://4sq.com/bwc004
  • 17:42:31: crap have i been checking in wrong place? (@ Starbucks) http://4sq.com/co6YPe
  • 18:28:07: @mozactly Is the barbecue restaurant in the gas station open? I could go for some ribs.
  • 19:03:59: Very saddened to hear Tommy Dreamer will be continuing in @Chikarapro. I was really looking forward to Chikarasaurus Rex. Oh well.
  • 19:06:38: On the bright side, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on @chikarapro. Tommy Dreamer will save me plenty of money. I guess.
  • 22:07:11: It's kind of hard to watch Lost without knowing when the next episode of V will air. I wish they had a graphic on the screen telling me.
  • 23:27:20: Is this show ever going to end? I have to take a shit so badly.
  • 23:36:32: SPOILER ALERT: Shit more satisfying than Lost ending.

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