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From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • 03:59:29: RT @myrealitytech: Santa came early! We got 10 (11" & 13") Maxed Out Apple Macbook Air laptops to give away! Follow us & RT to win! http ...
  • 04:12:57: Hope "Les Jeunes des Paris" is the thing from #SNL the internets fall in love with tomorrow. Best skit on the show this season, hands down.
  • 04:13:51: @SethMacFarlane What if she was a centaur?
  • 04:25:45: @MunozUnited92 Dead serious, first sketch this year that wasn't a derivative, predictable rehash or redux. Viva "Les Jeunes des Paris"!
  • 04:29:38: @erikgallisa It was AWESOME, better than another dress the cast as tweens sketch or Kristen Wiig playing 12 versions of Target lady
  • 04:34:29: RT @chelseaherr: pretty sure the "les jeunes de paris" snl sketch was the best thing ive seen in a while. (besides stefon, of course.)
  • 04:35:29: RT @KaylaCagan: OMG OMG OMG OMG Les Jeunes de Paris choreography on SNL. There is a sheer second of brilliance. http://brizzly.com/pic/3QOU
  • 04:38:55: RT @selahhh: Yay for Le Jeune De Paris. Taran Killam finally gets showcased. :3 #SNL
  • 04:44:02: #SNL knew "Les Jeunes de Paris" was a winner. That was totally a 12:55am sketch moved up to 12:30
  • 04:47:11: Also lets take the tired Lonely Island boys off Digital Short duty, and hand those reins over to whoever did Sex Ed's Sex Symposium #SNL
  • 10:03:00: RT @RebySky: So sick of this pompous jerk. Why people are as$holes for no reason I'll never know. Fkin indy NOBODY.
  • 10:09:34: RT @RebySky: "When you draw money - even a dollar - you will have to pay me that dollar to put up with you". Disrespectful little nobody.
  • 10:09:42: RT @RebySky: Its always the "men" who are the biggest b*tches.
  • 15:22:59: Got up, got dressed, but couldn't convince myself I would have a good time, so I guess I am skipping my first CT @ChikaraPro show.
  • 15:24:10: I really can't think of any possible way for me to have a good time doing anything anymore. When I'm not working, I'm useless.
  • 16:30:15: @Eldorudo You normal people have it so easy
  • 17:11:42: @sportsguy33 Do you think it's leading to anything?
  • 20:57:37: @Miss_Dani_Baby Black Cena isn't injured, he got thrown out of Nexus!
  • 21:05:51: I think Michelle McCool is wearing the same outfit she wore to UFC yesterday. Long night! #braggingrights
  • 21:12:02: @BonelessThurs I think the cop said it was personal. #ButIMightJustBeMakingAnUndertakerJoke
  • 21:16:30: I HOPE this PPV does poorly, or else we will surely get an all Buried Alive match PPV next year! #braggingrights
  • 21:41:05: .@AndrewJenks Was Confucius the first twitterer? His advice all seems to be 140 characters or less.
  • 21:54:33: @SaraJBenincasa I don't answer the phone when my parents call on my birthday
  • 22:00:54: @adamcarolla You should go as Elmo

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